Elevate Your Climbing Journey

Experience the Pinnacle at Velocity

Are you an experienced climber seeking the ultimate challenge? Velocity Climbing welcomes you to a world where your skills are put to the test, your limits are pushed, and your passion for climbing reaches new heights.

Unlock New Horizons

Velocity Climbing is more than just a gym—it’s a haven for climbers who crave adventure and growth. Our facility boasts a wide array of climbing options that cater to experienced climbers like you, from top-rope enthusiasts to lead climbing experts.

Specialized Gear

For top-rope and lead climbing, we offer specialized equipment to enhance your experience. If you’re interested in assisted braking devices like the [GriGri] or [Jul2], we can provide information and options to suit your needs.

Free Top-Rope and Lead Climbing Assessments

At Velocity, we require all climbers, even the experienced ones, to engage in free, top-rope and lead climbing assessments for the type of climbing you would like to do. No appointment is necessary, just come on in. Safety and skill assessment is crucial, and our experienced staff is here to support your growth.

Auto Belay Climbing

If you’re curious about solo climbing with auto belay devices, we offer a quick orientation and assessment for experienced climbers. It’s an opportunity to explore this unique climbing experience.

Your Adventure Awaits

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